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Wine Ingredient Kits



The wines are ranked by body, from lightest to heaviest, to help you choose the intensity of the wine you will make.

1 - Light, 2 - Light-Med, 3 - Medium, 4 - Medium-Full, 5 - Full

Oak Type

Regular Oak is light and smooth, while Toasted Oak is smoky and more assertive. French Oak generates silky tannins, giving a light sweetness; American Oak has a greater influence, imparting vanilla nuances, complex aromas, and modest tannins; Hungarian Oak's flavours develop more slowly, imparting great woody, spicy, and caramel-like flavours and aromas with less intensity.

Oak Intensity

Some kits get more oak than others, giving them a more intense character. Generally, darker, heavier wines get more oak.

Wine Expert kits: 0 - None, 1 - Light, 2 - Medium, 3 - Heavy

RJ Spagnols kits: 0 - None, 1 - Light, 2-4 Medium, 5 - Heavy


Some wines are balanced with a small amount of residual sweetness, which enhances their fruitiness. The scale goes from zero to ten, with completely dry (sweetness-free) wines being zero, and very sweet wines (Ports and Icewines) at ten.

Wine Expert kits: 0 - Dry, 1 - Off-Dry, 2 - Med-Dry, 3-6 - Med-Sweet, 7-10 - Sweet

Sweetness: 0 - Dry, 1 - Off-Dry, 2 - Med-Dry, 3- Med-Sweet,4 - Sweet, 5 - Very Sweet


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