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Tropicalia Clone

Barry Finley
Not just a clone, it's better. I made this a few years back (extract) and took 12 of them to lake to share with friends. We did a blind taste test with my homebrew up against Trapicalia. Eight people participated and all eight picked the homebrew as the winner. Most thought the Tropicalia was actually the clone of my brew. This is a great kit. Easy to follow instructions and everything you need to brew included....

Tropicalia Clone

Rhett Mitcham
I made the extract version of this kit. It was amazing. However mine did come out at 6% abv. We did a side by side and the taste was spot on. It was darker than the CC version but tasted exact. I can’t wait to try it in all grain. The family said I should keep this on tap year round. ...

American Infidel Cream Ale

Eric Jorgensen
My wife and I cut our teeth on this kit. It was simple and produced a great beer perfect for the summer weather....

MNDK Clone

Eric Jorgensen
Great Kit, smooth with chocolate/caramel flavors over the tongue. Beware, the high ABV (ours was 7.8) will sneak up on you....

The Brew Hauler

Joseph Boike
Got this as a Christmas gift. Works great for carrying a full 6 gallon carboy (50 lbs), much better than a carboy handle. Will also adjust down to fit my 3g carboy....

Tropicalia Clone

David Slaton
I picked up this kit about a month ago. I've had the Creature Comforts version a while ago and was interested in trying to make it. This beer kit is awesome. I haven't had a chance to do a side by side comparison yet. This is plenty good enough to stand on it's own . I'll definitely do another batch again. ...


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