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WHITE LABS PURE BREWERY YEAST - White Labs Liquid Brewers Yeast is tested to be over 95% viable, 100% free of wild yeast, aerobic bacteria and anaerobic bacteria. Each vial contains a "pint starter" of yeast and is designed to be added directly to 5 gallons of wort or must.

The shelf life of the White Labs Liquid Yeast is a minimum of four months from the "Best Before" date on the vial, and if refrigerated will stay alive for over a year. Best results are found if used within the "Best Before" date. After the "Best Before" date, we suggest you do a yeast starter to rebuild the yeast cell count.

Regarding the "Best Before" dates on liquid yeast: We sell liquid yeast past the "Best Before" date at a discount. The discount will be applied when your card is charged and will not show up in the cart during checkout. Please call us if you would like to confirm the date.

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